Custom made products

Individually for your personal needs
We deliver custom made products according to your instructions (blueprint) in every possible technical design (Measurements and materials of construction)

The castors presented here serve as a small example of possible custom made products. Various wheel materials, providing qualities such as heat resistance, electrical conductivity and resistance against various chemicals, can be achieved. This can be supplemented appropriately by using varying forms of stainless steel (e.g. V2A and V4A) for the castor material.



Swivel castor with allstop and directional locking (left)
Allstop fixes rotary motion and swivel movement, directional locking is only blocking swivel movement of the fork head, this way only one direction of motion is possible.

Swivel castors directional locking (right)
This castor has one directional locking which can be operated by foot. The swivel movement will be blocked.

Stainless steel heavy duty castors
with labyrinth sealings within the swivel bearing and electroconductive wheels as twin castor or with a solid polyamide wheel for high load caacity and a spring loaded castor for discharge of static electricity.

Electroconductive FWS castors are suited for use on machines and containers in explosion-proof environments up to zone 0/­20, ATEX directive 94/­9/­EG and EN 13463 et seqq.

Castors made of full stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316)
are used when very high load capacity and stability are essential. Very high heat resistance as well as electrical conductivity are achieved at the same time. Combines well with stainless steel heavy duty castors.

Swivel- and fixed castors with threaded rods
are used to modify height of connected machines or containers.
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