Apparatus castors

made of stainless steel
Castors for indoor apparatuses and devices: By means of optimized materials and careful manufacturing, controlled quality and a system allowing for individual selection of components, wheels and castors can be optimally adapted to their surroundings and specific task.

FWS castors are personal developments in all of the components, which can be combined appropriately according to your wishes.
Arrange your castors and wheels according to your requirements Product finder

Measurements /­ Load-bearing capacity
  • Wheel diameter of 50 to 125 mm
  • Load capacity of 40 to 75 kg per castor
  • Overall heights of 75 to 150 mm‎

Product references and information: Info-center


Fixed castor with mounting plate
Swivel castor with mounting plate
Swivel castor with double stop
Swivel castor with Allstop
Swivel castor with bolt hole
Swivel castor with stem
and double stop
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